Theatrical Dance of Egypt When the power and beauty of traditions meet contemporary expression and creativity

Teaching & Mission

Béatrice manages Tarab which she established in 1998 in order to transmit the dance and music traditions of Egypt and to combine contemporary research with respect for the essence of these dances. "Tarab" meaning "enchantment", "emotional ecstasy".

Through her teaching, Béatrice aims to:

  • Clearly differentiating repertoires and the major styles of Egypt: saïdi, ghawazy, Sufi, Nubian, traditional baladi, modern baladi, court classical, modern classical, emphasizing technique, aesthetics, expression and emotion;
  • Thouroughly understanding the music, the melodies, the rhythms and the sound subtleties;
  • Feeling the elements stemming from the tradition (movements, sequences of movements, choreographies) and being able to develop a modernity which does not betray their essence;
  • Leaving a lot of space for creativity, improvization, theatricality and confidence in the dance;
  • Developing the personality of every dancer;
  • Transmitting the history of music and dance in Egypt;
  • Encouraging curiosity for all the arts, the sources of constant and mutual enrichments.

To practise the theatrical dances of Egypt is to feel the antique and Pharaonic Egyptian influences, the refinement of the courts of the 18th century, the strength of the mysterious Nubia, the popular fire of cities and countrysides, but also the subtle omnipresence in the heart of the dance of big human feelings - enjoyment, melancholy, hope ...-, the power of this rich civilization influenced by both East and Africa. The weekly practice of these ancestral dances revisited by Béatrice allows to find the flexibility and the expressiveness of the body, to be connected in a true feminity, powerful and soft, sensual and dignified, respectful and proud.

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